Well, did you evah!

Cardiff’s centenary as a city – and 50-year celebration of life as Welsh capital – was marked on Friday with all the party excitement of the air slowly passing out of a balloon.
There was, of course, a bun and booze fest for the great and the good at City Hall, attended by athlete Jamie Baulch.
I wasn’t invited and neither were most city workers who passed the special day doing the things city workers have been doing on Fridays since 1905 – giving thanks it was Friday and looking forward to seeing their families/friends/barman/mistress.
I did, however, see hurdler Colin Jackson making his way down Westgate Street, but I resisted the temptation to race him to his train.
Colin, I discover, went on to do poorly in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing the next day. He was under-rehearsed, he said.
Maybe he got caught up in the event for which most people will remember Cardiff’s anniversary – the sight of scaffolding dangling in a stiff breeze from the former council planning offices off Wood Street.
The shell of a building, which seems to have been under demolition since Cardiff’s even less well-marked 99-year celebration as a city, looked particularly frail as sections of it toppled towards the bus station.
The event, as local newspapers like to say, caused rush hour chaos and must have made many commuters late in getting home for their Cardiff birthday tea.

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