Return Journey

BBC 2W is the place to be tonight at 9pm.
Anyone interested in the Spanish Civil War, and the part almost 200 Welsh volunteers played in the fight against Franco, should tune in to Return Journey – The Spanish Civil War.
It follows Alun Menai Williams, a veteran of the International Brigades, on his first trip back to Spain since 1938.
I first met Alun earlier this year when I wrote about him for a US military history magazine and later for The Big Issue. I’m now proud to call him a friend.
He’s an inspirational character. At 92, he’s still fascinated by the world around him, always asking questions, always taking in everything from the radio and newspapers.
His book From The Rhondda To The Ebro is well worth seeking out. I’ve written a piece about it and Alun for this Wednesday’s Morning Star.

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