Lorra laffs

Swansea West MP Alan Williams gave the Prime Minister a dressing down yesterday for refusing to allow his “blue-skies” thinking aide Lord Birt to be grilled by a parliamentary committee.
Mr Blair would not allow the former Director-General of the BBC to appear in front of the Public Administration Select Committee.
Seeing as the peer is advising the Government on nuclear power and is known to have opinions on Civil Service and public sector reforms, MPs thought they had a right to question him.
Unfortunately, Birt is typical of those power hungry, unwanted, unelected figures that stalk around behind our democratic façade.
Criticising Mr Blair’s protection of his aide, Mr Williams said: “Parliament is supposed to be the focal point of accountability for ministers.”
Well, seeing as Birt famously helped the Saturday night ‘entertainment’ Blind Date to the success it achieved, I propose MPs get three questions.
I’ll give them a start. ‘John, we are out on a first date and I ask you whether you are really doing all this smarming up so you can get a ministerial job. What do you reply?’

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