No New News

Logging on this morning, I realised I had not posted anything here for almost a week.
Now, I know blogging is a little like screaming in an empty and sound-proofed room but I believe I should keep up a certain standard, if only for myself.
But then I looked on the ITV Wales website and realised its news page had not been updated since November 15. That makes my last posting from November 24 still look positively topical.
I turned to to read about the latest round of redundancies announced at the Western Mail & Echo yesterday but found nothing mentioned.
However, I did find a nice story – which I think the Mail ran on the front of its jobs section – from November 17.
It was headlined, ‘Morale warning as a quarter fear redundancy in 2006’, and quoted someone from consultants RightCoutts – a name which is straight out of Carry On.
She said: “While the situation might look gloomy at first glance, UK workers need to remember that our economy is actually in a much stronger position than many of our global peers.”
I am sure that thought will keep the newly redundant warm this Christmas.

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