The State Avenger

Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams has been executed. The Terminator had the opportunity to reprieve him but there was no mercy there.
California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has now rejected three appeals for clemency by death row prisoners.
Williams had been nominated five times for a Nobel prize and, it is said, if he did not deserve a reprieve then who does.
But the campaign against the death penalty is not about who least deserves the noose, bullet, chair or chemical pellet.
State killing is simply totally unacceptable and the state has no more right to cause death as part of its legal processes than an individual has to murder on the streets.
It does not matter whether Williams showed remorse or otherwise, campaigned against violence or did not, claimed his innocence or admitted his guilt.
States that execute are carrying out the policy of the avenger and not dispensing justice.

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