Greetings from Winnie

The variety of spam and scam emails arriving in my inbox gets more and more bizarre.
This afternoon Winnie contacted me with the subject heading ‘wetsuit’.
The content appears like an invoice from something called the Multi Neoprene Factory in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China.
The wetsuit (“shorties – style no. S015” and most flattering, I’m sure) cost $US 8 each and the order is for 2,000 units.
They are made I am told from 2mm Neoprene.
I assume Winnie wants me to reply, although of course, I won’t.
It is the second time she’s emailed me this week. On Thursday it was about an attractive sounding product named Rash Guard. There was a link to a Yahoo site which I dared not click.
I hope Winnie will leave me alone. I need neither a wetsuit (I can’t swim), the Rash Guard (I have no rash – honest) or the computer virus or whatever else she plans to spring on me.
Meanwhile, Mrs Shirley Yema Gbujama, Minister of Social Welfare (Gender and Children Affairs) in Sierra Leone is offering me $3,675,000 to help process her late husband’s diamond fortune.
I’ve had so many of these now I’m becoming worn down. My curiosity nags at me.
I almost want to fall for this one just to find out what hell Shirley and her like intend to inflict upon me.

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