The truth about me and Big Brother stunner

Popular culture, I know, has been shockingly thin on the ground here at What Is Wales.
Well, now, by a strange quirk of fate, I can change all that. I find myself with a Big Brother story to tell.
The Welsh contestant, the former Miss Wales (not Glyn, the world’s skinniest lifeguard), once got undressed in the back of my car. Honest.
It was a hands-on-the-wheel, eyes-on-the-road moment, though, as Imogen shuffled out of a Welsh football strip.
And I headed west over Hammersmith flyover.
It was all part of a Wales on Sunday prank to upset Sven ahead of a match with England (no, it didn’t work).
Imogen Thomas (favourite footballers David James and Michael Owen) and another model, Ceri Jones – who attempted to do her bit for road accident statistics by undressing at my side – wandered around London in their football kits (with myself and a photographer) being snapped at various tourist spots, the London Eye etc, and then outside FA HQ.
Also on our team was a professional Sven-a-like (real name Spike) who gallantly posed with the girls draped on his arms.
Our saucy antics – as we like to call them – drew a crowd in Soho Square. Van drivers were particularly fascinated.
“Blimey,” one said eloquently.
Another – an Open Mike candidate – was more interested in Spike. “That bloke doesn’t look anything like Bobby Robson,” he shouted out his window.
Anyway, Sven’s adventures in Germany will be far from Imogen’s mind now. She’ll be locked up in the BB house during the World Cup.
Assuming, that is, she doesn’t receive an early eviction.
I don’t mind her not winning.
But if a man, who once held her jacket as she skipped up the Embankment steps in footie shorts, can say one thing, it’s: “Imogen, please don’t do anything embarrassing!”

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