Death and Taxes (update)

Anti-war campaigner Marie Walsh (see Death and Taxes, April 13), who is withholding part of her income tax in protest over Iraq and Afghanistan, is due in court next week.
Marie believes that those opposed to the wars should be allowed to divert the 10 per cent of their tax used for the military to a peace fund instead.
On Tuesday, June 20, she will be in court in Abergavenny. The day before she will make an 18-mile protest walk from her home in Oakdale to Abergavenny in order to talk to people about the issue, give out leaflets and collect names on the Peace Tax petition.
In addition, a demonstration in support of her campaign is planned outside Abergavenny Magistrates Court from 9.30am on Tuesday.
Marie sets out her argument in a leaflet: “I believe, if we have an army it should be used only for self-defence.
“But today the Government is using war to try and solve problems that can’t be solved that way… In the short run it might look like it helps but it only makes things worse in the end. Innocent people suffer.
“Our armed forces, paid for by my taxes and yours are now being used for wars that are illegal, unjust and that bring future trouble back on our country too.
“Part of my taxes (about 10 per cent) is funding the armed forces and the tax office and my MP tells me I don’t have any choice about that. Well, I can’t accept that. That is wrong.
“Everyone should have a choice when it comes to such a matter of conscience. I want to say, ‘count me out’. And I believe everyone should have that right.
“I’m not saying I want to pay less tax. I’m asking the Government to take that 10 per cent of my tax and promise me they won’t use it for the military but they will spend it on peaceful, non-violent ways of solving conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan.
“Set up a dedicated peace fund. Give all of us the right to opt out of military spending and in to the peace tax, so that everyone can follow their conscience.”

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