Hollywood connections

I always knew Susan Sarandon and I had some kind of connection.
On the face of it, the links appear thin. She, after all, is a brilliant Hollywood actress, who speaks out bravely on a number of political and social issues.
I only ever appeared in one school play. As a tree.
She’s rich and beautiful, and I ain’t.
So it’s good to find out she’s been back in Wales checking out her roots.
And the search, according to the Carmarthen Journal, has included Laugharne.
Now, a friend of mine maintains that Laugharne is the source of all that is dark and ungodly in my character, my mother’s family having lived there for centuries.
But if Sarandon’s ancestors are town folk, surely the place is a beacon of goodness and light.

Lots of coverage of the death of Hollywood actor Glenn Ford on BBC Radio Wales this morning.
No mention, though, that the 90-year-old, Canadian-born star of Gilda was born Gwyllyn Ford and was of Welsh descent.

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