Carefree Arms (2): Kamikaze Drinkers

Carefree Arms. Evening.
Late night discussions. Conversations we’ve had before, are comfortable with.
Same observations made but treated as revelatory as it is in all drinkers’ interest to remain entertained.
Jenks rails against the former kamikaze pilots you see interviewed on the History Channel.
“Can’t understand it, man. How can you be a ‘former’ kamikaze pilot?”
“You’d rather they’d flown into the side of a ship than gone on to be retired bank managers or something?”
“I just think they should be …ashamed!”
I was watching the Niall Ferguson programme where he said the Americans believed the Japanese were animals during the Pacific war and so the Japanese acted like animals.
Each side brutalised the other.
“Act like animals, treated like animals,” Jenks said defiantly, putting his glass to his mouth and spilling large amounts of lager down his chin.

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