Dinner With Kate

I had to read the story on the MSN Entertainment site which said “Kate Middleton has topped the ‘Most Invited’ list of the sought-after guests in town”.
Apparently, according to a survey by Tatler magazine (who reads that?), she is “more welcome at parties than Tony and Cherie Blair” (the list’s joint number two).
Lord and Lady McBlair beat off dinner party rivals Jemima Khan; Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar (are they still married?); Lord Rothschild (I am now getting an image of the Tatler reader); The Hon Sophia Hesketh and Robie Uniacke (eh?); Arnaud and Carla Bamberger (alias of eccentric fastfood billionaire?); Lord Ed Spencer-Churchill and Petrina Khashoggi (“Lord Ed” and the Khashoggi woman, simply ghastly); Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud; and Mischa Barton (special agent).
Well, of course, the site invites readers to describe their ideal guests too.
Top last night was No Name with his listing “Ian Wright, David Dickinson and Paul O’Grady”. Not quite Lord Teddy Spanner-Churchill-Khashoggi-Etc but, as No Name says: “Good times”.
Another reader has listed, “Someone really funny: Lee Evans (or Lenny Henry)”.
Surely some mistake?

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