No childish politics please, I’m Chris Bryant

Firstly, no it wasn’t the picture that first drew me to this post on Guerrilla Welsh-Fare.
It’s just that it is always so lovely to read about Chris Bryant, as it gives me a chance to relate my favourite stories.
Now, seeing as he is tamping at the priority given to Welsh words over English ones at railway stations in Wales, let’s look back at what last rattled his cage.
Back in January he was miffed at Jill Evans and Leanne Wood’s anti-Trident protests.
“I think trying to get yourself arrested is childish politics,” he said. “They should be representing their constituents. I think it’s a shame they have got their priorities all wrong.”
As I said at the time it is interesting to note what the former churchman sees as ‘childish politics’.
Four years ago exactly I had been carrying out a survey of Welsh MPs to ask whether they would “support British forces taking part in a war on Iraq without the backing of the United Nations?”
Almost all MPs responded.
As did Bryant, but not by answering the question.
“I don’t do surveys,” he said pompously. “I don’t answer silly questions.”

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