No words for Iraq shame

Peace activist Dr Margaret Jones made some headlines last week when she was sentenced for breaking into a US airbase prior to the bombing of Iraq.
Dr Jones was given a six-month curfew order and ordered to wear an electronic tag after her trial at Bristol Crown Court.
The 58-year-old university lecturer used hammers and bolt cutters to disable fuel tankers and trailers used for carrying bombs at RAF Fairford.
She did it to prevent the “murder of innocent civilians”.
The Daily Telegraph, one of the newspapers to report her trial, gave the story 143 words.
In the same week some of the devastation which Dr Jones had been trying to stop came to light in an Oxfam report which described how eight million Iraqis – almost a third of the population – were in need of emergency aid.
It said that 43 per cent were living in “absolute poverty” with malnutrition rates in children have risen from 19 per cent before the 2003 invasion to 28 per cent now.
Nine out of ten Iraqi children show learning difficulties related to psychological trauma. Seventy per cent of Iraqis are without access to adequate water supplies and 80 per cent lack effective sanitation.
The Oxfam report painted a devastating picture of a country in such a dreadful state of breakdown that it is impossible for us to imagine the lives of many there.
Number of words on this report in the Daily Telegraph? None, I’m afraid.

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