ASW old boss signs for Wolves

The hundreds of former South Wales steelworkers who lost their pensions when ASW went bust will be ecstastic to hear news of their former boss.
Graham Mackenzie, who left the company just before it went bust in 2002, has a nice new job in Wolverhampton.
Mr Mackenzie OBE will chair the proposed new Wolverhampton Development Company.
Wolverhampton City Council Leader, Councillor Roger Lawrence, welcomed Graham’s appointment, saying: “As chairman of the new company Graham will encourage private sector partners to invest in Wolverhampton, thereby increasing the pace and scale of change, whilst ensuring that local people have access to the job opportunities that regeneration brings to the city.”
On Mr Mackenzie’s departure from ASW, the Western Mail reported that he “had overseen a decline in the company’s fortunes as it battled to cope with a multi-million pound debt and oversupply in the global steel market”.
Let’s hope he fares better with the jobless of Wolverhampton.
:: More in Private Eye 1191

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