Swansea asylum family returns

Good news in the case of Veneera Aliyeva and her two children, Anna and Murat.
According to Keith Ross, of Asylum Justice, the family has returned to Swansea after being released from Yarl’s Wood detention centre.
“The family were released by the Home Office this afternoon ‘pending the outcome of the children’s judicial application’,” Keith explained.
The children, who are just 13 and 11, were supported by Maria Battle, Deputy Children’s Commissioner for Wales, who this week told me their detention at Yarls Wood was in breach of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.
The family remains under the threat of forcible removal to Azerbaijan. Lawyers are currently seeking a judicial review into the case.
If that fails Veneera and the children could find themselves marked down for seats on another removal flight.
::I’ve been looking at the way airlines are used by the Government to forcibly return people to countries they do not want to go for Big Issue Cymru.
I believe it will be in the issue which comes out on December 27 – something to digest along with turkey stew, turkey sandwiches, etc.

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