Swansea lifer speaks from jail for first time

Wynford and Joan Davies believe their son is innocent of the murder for which he is serving life in jail.
Richard Davies was jailed six years ago for the 2001 killing of his friend Jason Williams in Loughor. Williams’ body has never been found.
The couple spent the first few years of his sentence in a state of shock but, after attending a meeting of Liberty, they learned of the Innocence Project at Cardiff Law School.
Lecturer Julie Price is overseeing the only such project in Wales. On it, law students give their time to investigate possible miscarriages of justice.
After reading notes on Richard’s case they took it on.
What Is Wales? reported on the case last year. This Monday, ITV Wales’ Wales This Week programme continues to follow the students as they work to uncover fresh evidence.
There are major developments – including a five-figure reward for new information and the first ever interview with Richard Davies as he talks from Gartree Prison about coping inside and about the night he is alleged to have killed his friend.
::Wales This Week, ITV Wales, Monday, March 17, 8pm

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