The Real Merthyr

Merthyr Tydfil is most often in the news for the wrong reasons.

But statistics about poor health and high unemployment don’t tell the whole story.

In this programme, Merthyr-born reporter Hannah Thomas goes behind the headlines to try to find the true heart of her home town.

One point made, in particular, about the stats that leaves the town on the wrong end of too many league tables is that the size and economic make up of the borough skews the figures.

Because Merthyr is such a tiny unitary authority with many deprived wards and no affluent areas its average is always much lower than anywhere else. In other words it has no wealthy streets to balance things out.

The programme has received an incredible response.

Watch Wales This Week: ‘The Real Merthyr’ here.

2 thoughts on “The Real Merthyr

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  1. Response to Hannah Thomas’ Facebook page:

    Christine Handley 07 June at 20:37 Report
    brilliant programme.very pleased the jeff randall rubbish has been redressed.very proud of you .best wishes chris handley

    Stuart Hill 07 June at 21:29 Report
    Hi Hannah, I have been the first to criticize ITV over the years for their negative reports about our town. But I would like to
    congratulate you on tonights programme. A little positivity from a real Merthyr girl. Well done. Stuart ( aged 65 )

    Matt Davies 07 June at 19:38 Report
    You’re famous! =]

    Massively Impressed with the show! (I was a year younger than you in school btw!)

    Whooooop! x

    Judith James 07 June at 22:41 Report
    Hi Han, just saw your programme on merthyr, nice to see us having some good press for a change! Keep up the good work xxx

    Vicky Davies
    Thanx 4 the programe 2nite. Hopefully it’ll change some people’s mind about Merthyr

    Again, many many thanks. See you all tomorrow! Hannah of Merthyr! xxxxx

  2. Feedback from Wales This Week’s Twitter feed:

    GarethBickerton Gareth Bickerton

    Great to see a programme highlighting the positive side and people of #merthyr @ITVWales. Marshy on the news again, first @UnLtd L2 winner

    Lloyd_Rees Lloyd Rees

    Well done to @ITVWales for creating a much more positive imagine of Merthyr Tydfil on ‘Wales This Week’.

    RhiannonEve Rhiannon Lewis

    really wants to thank Hannah Thomas of @ITVWales for finally showing people that Merthyr is much better than everyone seems to think it is

    bethbinky beth jones

    @ITVWales @huwlewis Thank you so Much ITV Wales for a positive programme on Merthyr Tydfil, lets hope you have led the way!!

    samia_saeed Samia Saeed

    So glad to finally see the #merthyrtydfil I know and love more accurately portrayed by @ITVWales on #walesthisweek

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