“Airman Missing”

The true story of World War 2 bomber pilot John Evans and his 114 days on the run in Occupied Europe.

Features more than thirty photographs and documents, including false identity papers and pictures of airmen hiding with members of the Belgian resistance in the Ardennes forest.

“A valuable record of a perilous time and the courage and hardship called for from allied airmen and their Belgian helpers.” The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Gapan magazine

“…tells the dramatic story of a bomber pilot shot down behind enemy lines during the Second World War… fascinating.” Peter Gawthorpe, Leamington Courier


**This book was published by Newman Books and is currently out of print.**

  1. Peter Wentworth says:

    Good afternoon Greg – I am secretary of the 10 Squadron Association and 10 days ago I was presented with a copy of AirMan Missing by Doug Evans and it had also been signed by his brother John. I thought that I would like to make mention of the book in my Report in the next Newsletter but I have discover that it is now out of print.
    Are you intending to have any more printed?
    I look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes


    • Greg says:

      Hi Peter
      Thanks so much for your message and your interest in Airman Missing.
      It’s great to hear from 10 Squadron Association and I would have loved to have had a piece in your newsletter.
      However, at the moment there are no plans for a reprint – although I have had a great deal of interest in the book.
      Because of that interest I am going to look into whether we can get a reprint or second edition done. Perhaps I could keep you informed?
      I’d be delighted to know what you think of John’s story – when you’ve had a chance to read it.

  2. Hi Greg,missed you and John and his daughter this year at the Escape Lines reunion,how are you all well I hope,if you keep in touch with John please send him all my best wishes and of course to you.Dave.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Dave. Yes, I was sorry not to make it this year but I was working that weekend. I’ll pass on your message to John. Hope you enjoyed Eden Camp. Greg

  3. Phil Bennett says:

    Is there more that you can tell me? I want to get the information for a friend but the book is quite pricey – any second hand copies?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Phil
      Sorry I have no copies at all. I am hoping to write a new edition next year.
      I hope you get some luck in finding a copy. It’s been a very popular book.

  4. Christopher Knight says:

    Hello, I looked at the price of nearly fourty quid and thought naa! but a couple of years later my then student son thought it was worth the dosh as a birthday present for his old man!
    I am half way through and enjoying reading about the man who lived in our house and will pass it to John’s ex neighbour and to be read to an old time worker from Cammel Laird’s who lives round the corner : history resonates.
    Maybe an e book?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Chris
      £44! That is a lot. It came out at £7.99 but the initial print run of 500 or so sold out very quickly. I asked the publisher not to run it again as I plan an expanded edition which I am hoping to write next year.
      Thanks very much for your interest in it. I am hoping to see John soon.

  5. Christopher Knight says:

    I think the invoice that came totalled 39.99 which I slightly gasped at my son having paid but yes £7.99 is what it says on the can, I guess small print runs are pounced on by profiteers who whap up the price, perhaps you and Mr Evans can sign mine and add value!
    I guess my son must have bought one of the last copies as my birthday was in February.
    Say hello to Mr Evans.

    • Greg says:

      Be glad to sign it for you. John would be best! I’m sure he would not mind. I could get you his address if you wished.

      • Chris Knight says:

        Thank you perhaps we could arrange that, I presume you live on Wirral.

        On Sat, 2015-04-25 at 09:22 +0000, Greg Lewis – journalist, producer, writer wrote: Greg commented: “Be glad to sign it for you. John would be best! I’m sure he would not mind. I could get you his address if you wished.” >

      • Greg says:

        Hi Chris, sorry for delay in getting back to you. I don’t always see messages on here. I’m in Cardiff. John is near Nottingham. I saw him at the weekend. He is frail – he is 95 – but he still remembers everything that went on. He is inspirational.
        I don’t know if I could arrange for him to sign it, but if you are willing to post it to him I am sure he would try. You will need to email me.

  6. Dave Leedham says:

    Hi Greg,I don’t know if you remeber me I was at Eden Camp with the Escape society I have bought your recent book about SOE the lady’s could you send me a signed card to go in the book,it would be great if you could.I would like the message to be I hope you enjoyed the book followed by your name I will pay the postage.Dave.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Dave,
      Yes, of course I remember you. Good to hear from you.
      Thanks for buying Shadow Warriors. I’ll send you a signed card, of course, but please don’t worry about the postage.
      Would you send me your address – to greg_lewis [at] hotmail.co.uk

      • Dave Leedham says:

        Hi Greg is it true that John Evans has dies in the obit part of the magazine it said that John has died,if its true we have another great person who has left us.

  7. garyeason says:

    Hello Greg. Stumbled across references to your book while reading about HX334 for my latest picture, and for anyone else who is interested it does seem to be readily available secondhand at more reasonable prices.

    My pic: http://www.flightartworks.com/-/portfolio/aviation/wwii-bombers/-/medias/a0a492da-b4c6-4369-ab35-d11d2e16ebb5-handley-page-halifax-b-iii-above-clouds – Gary

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