“Land of Hope and Dreams”

Written with Moira Sharkey.

“Humorous, moving and informative, the authors have created something which is both a tribute to their musical hero and a love-song to Ireland… This is a fantastic souvenir of a quarter of a century of incredible concerts and some of the best live performances in rock and roll. Books on [Bruce]Springsteen are ten a penny, but this one’s got soul – it’s much more personal than anything I’ve read about him. It’s truly from the fans’ perspective, which makes it fresh and new. It’s about the fans connecting with their idol; and how one man’s music can change lives. This is much more than a 208-page nostalgia trip for Irish music lovers…this is a story that will touch anyone who’s ever admired the E-Street kid.” Shelley Marsden, Irish World

“This is a sumptuous, beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated production, summoning up vivid memories of gigs which have lighted the way through our imaginative lives for a quarter of a century and more, offering a distinctively Irish perspective on Springsteen and on Ireland as seen through the prism of his music. It’s the best fanzine ever.” Eamonn McCann, Derry Journal

“It looks fabulous. Great, great photos and a glorious look and feel to the whole thing. There are a lot of quality Springsteen books to choose from, but this is different, and possibly unique in its approach. The pictures of Bruce and the band with fans really reinforce and complement the personal stories, a constant reminder that this is a fans’ book, truly a fresh perspective as it claims. While ostensibly the title might make some think ‘this is for his Irish fans’, it’s actually a global story to which any member of the worldwide E Street nation can relate. If you’re a fan – anywhere – this is for you. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Dan French, founder/editor of 1980s fanzine Point Blank

“A labour of love.” Hot Press

“A brilliantly research epic.” Ivan Little, Sunday Life

“A treat… the photos the pair have accumulated will have you pouring over the book.” John Meagher, Irish Independent

“Music lovers (Springsteen fans or not) will love this book. It’s unique, totally original, will make you laugh and cry in places (just like Springsteen’s songs). It is a fascinating side of the story of New Jersey’s favourite son.” Cluas.com




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3 thoughts on ““Land of Hope and Dreams”

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  1. Greg-you are such a great writer- love “Land of Hope and dreams” from cover to cover.I thought it was so unique to cover every irish gig and brought back many memories for me.

    I wonder could you help- I just heard a heart-breaking interview on Irish Radio on the “Ray Darcy Show” on Today FM with a Michael Bolger, one of the brothers of three Bolger Brothers from the coast of Co Wexford who died in a freak boating tragedy last week.


    If you heard what I heard it would break your heart. At the end they played the three brothers favourite song “The River” by The Boss and I’ve never had goose-bumps like when I heard the words of the song in the context of that interview. The interview will soon be on a download if you want to hear it.

    Is there any way Greg somehow, that you could make his management company aware of this tragedy- he’s playing Kilkenny which is right beside Wexford in a few weeks and it would be a lovely tribute to the families left behind if he could acknowledge this. The wives of the men were also completely dependent on their husbands for their livelihoods so maybe “The River” could get back to the top of the charts in their honour or something. I think they might be doing organising a benefit gig of some sort too.

    You can remove this from the blog no problem. I just feel a bit helpless/angry about things after hearing their story. I’m sorry if this seems brazen and appreciate your time for reading and won’t hassle you on this again I promise. I just don’t know how to contact Bruce’s management.

    Thank you Greg and continued success and good health to you and Moira.
    Col, Kildare, Ireland

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