Latest football dilemma

Today considering the latest dilemma thrown football fans’ way by the FAW: whether to travel to Graz in Austria to see a Wales friendly against Trinidad and Tobago.
Bearing in mind the May 27 fixture falls only a fortnight before the World Cup kicks off one wonders what sort of side T and T will put out.

Missing caps

Scottish football fans are campaigning for the late Stewart Imlach who played four times for his country – including during the 1958 World Cup – but never received an international cap.
Apparently, the Scottish FA then only awarded actual caps for matches played against Wales, England and Northern Ireland.
I wonder if any Welsh players, including those from the squad which went to the tournament in Sweden, also missed out?

A Night At Liberty

Headed to the Liberty Stadium last night to see Swansea City’s sell-out clash with Yeovil.
Lee Trundle was on fire and all the talk was as to whether the Swans could hold on to him come the January transfer window.
His second goal was a remarkable 40-yard lob which, had this been a Premiership game, would have been played over and over on TV this weekend.
It was greeted with a mixture of awe and wonder by the 19,288 crowd.
So too was the last minute streaker who burst from a lower stand in the dying minutes to cling on to Yeovil’s shocked keeper Chris Weale.
Two stewards grappled with the young woman, who wore only a thong (regulation winter clothing for the rest of the 19,287 in the stadium was a minimum three layers).
“That’s why we’re top o’ th’league,” sang the home fans in tribute to her performance.
On the way down to Swansea I’d stood in the buffet car with a £2.40 can of Carlsberg listening to the conversations around me.
One man, an off-duty police officer, was bragging to a newly-acquired friend about how to challenge a suspect: “I’d say, ‘I have reason to believe you have been involved in… etc etc.’”
He then took the man in some sort of arm lock, while demanding he turn out his pockets.
Later on a young teen egged on by a friend went up to the bar to try to buy some alcohol. The friend hung back out of sight.
“I’ll have some crisps,” said the rosy-cheeked youngster. “Hmmm… and a can of lager.”
“How old are you?” said the woman behind the bar.
The boy crumbled.
He wandered back to his friend with crisps and a bottle of Coke. “They didn’t have any lager,” he said.

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