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‘Do Not Go Gentle’

Hywel Jones was dying with cancer – but he had a dream to have a love song recorded by a major artist. In this film cameras followed him for months as he faced his condition and found himself dealing with some great names from the music industry.

Watch it now.

‘Death of a Spy’

Gareth Williams died in the most bizarre circumstances. What part did his top secret role for MI6 and GCHQ play in his death? And was there a campaign to smear his reputation following his death? First broadcast on ITV Wales on April 18, 2012.

Watch a clip.

 ‘Living with Dementia’

Wales This Week has been following the lives of two people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. And asks the experts what each of us can do to help protect ourselves from the illness. First broadcast on ITV Wales on September 27, 2011. ‘Living with Dementia’ won a UK national award from the Guild of Health Writers for best broadcast programme.

Watch it now.

Dylan’s Story

A mother tells the tragic tale of her little boy who died with a metabolic disease which was not identified until after his death.

Watch it now.

‘A Catalogue of Failures: The Robbie Powell Story’

Parts of an independent report into the death of a child, which were withheld by First Minister Carwyn Jones, have been uncovered by a Wales This Week investigation.

Watch it now.

‘Still Lost In Care’

Wales This Week has been following the North Wales child abuse inquiry for the past twenty years. The latest developments can be seen in the special episode, ‘Still Lost in Care’.

Watch it now.

‘Hidden Killer’

Wales This Week investigates the dangers posed to teachers and schoolchildren caused by asbestos in our schoolbuildings.  ‘Hidden Killer’ was broadcast by ITV Wales on October 5, 2009.

Watch it now.

‘Snowdonia At 60’

Snowdonia At 60 explores Wales’ oldest national park, travelling the Welsh Highland Railway and meeting a variety of people who make their living in this historic and beautiful area of Wales. First broadcast October 18, 2011.

Watch it now.


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