“Shadow Warriors”

Shadow Warriors, UK edition, Amberley, September 15, 2016
Shadow Warriors, UK edition


“A welcome addition to WWII literature”

“The stories here are ripe for film adaptation”

“The riveting stories of the courageous British and American female special agents rattle out in quick-fire bursts from these pages, but what gives this book weight is the interweaving of the SOE and OSS narratives, all too often divorced in histories of the secret war.” Clare Mulley, author of The Spy Who Loved and The Woman Who Saved the Children

“A group biography of the fearless young women who became secret agents during World War II. Award-winning journalists Thomas and Lewis bring their talent for telling detail and brisk pacing to an engrossing history of women who worked for the United States and Britain as spies, cryptographers, analysts, couriers, and resistance fighters during World War II. Drawing from official records, memoirs, diaries, and letters, the authors detail the recruitment, training, and daring escapades of women who infiltrated enemy lines and carried out sabotage operations, ranging from stealing documents to blowing up railroad tracks…

The authors make a strong case for the importance of these women to the course of war, offering a fresh perspective on military history. A welcome addition to WWII literature.” Kirkus Reviews


“Move over, James Bond—these real life stories of secret agents belong to the ladies. Shadow Warriors is a thrilling, revelatory history of the women who contributed to the war efforts behind enemy lines as spies on behalf of Britain and America. The stories here are ripe for film adaptation… These women jumped from planes, blew their covers to help others, and accepted the dangers they faced without blinking.

Thomas and Lewis unfold their stories carefully, preserving their efforts—their successes, their near escapes, and occasionally their betrayals—with detail, resulting in a history that is both thorough and exciting.

This is an invaluable historical account, shedding light on the heroism and bravery of the women spies who helped usher the Allied forces toward a victory.” Foreword Reviews


Shadow Warriors is a fascinating look at the women of the UK and US secret service branches during the Second World War. These were women of enormous cunning and strength of will, and many of the Shadow Warriors’ stories have remained untold until now. In a dramatically different tale of espionage and conspiracy in the Second World War, this book unveils the history of the courageous women who volunteered to work behind enemy lines in Nazi Occupied Europe…

These stories of operatives from the SOE and the US equivalent, the OSS, are inspirational true stories of unbelievable courage and dedication under the most horrific of circumstances. Gordon and Greg’s book is a reminder that all conflicts have their fair share of heroes – these women and their exploits must never be forgotten.” Books Monthly


“Women agents at war, is a subject that continues to fascinate yet their service and the breadth of skills and abilities they were able to contribute has not had the deserved exposure. Until now!

This work by authors Thomas and Lewis embarks on a journey in to the world of espionage, the perilous world of women agents on the front line, the world of horror, untold danger and of success in the face of challenges beyond belief

The subject is not one to be tackled lightly for whereas the story of a man or woman in Services uniform is reasonably understandable, that of a female agent is as far from normal or as understandable as you can get.

However, Shadow Warriors is a very well researched and detailed work yet it is easy to read and digest. It has a depth of story-lining that is absorbing and gripping, it treats the subject with respect and brings each of the personal stories to the reader with the reverence the stories rightly deserve.

We must never forget the dedication and sacrifice of these remarkable women and the human spirit that persists even against the most overwhelming odds. This work ensures we never forget.” John Leete, Home Front


“An in-depth look at the highly-intelligent, often-glamorous females who went behind enemy lines to set up resistance groups, spied on the Nazis and risked being captured, tortured and killed.” Sunday Post


“The result of an extraordinary and comprehensive research, Shadow Warriors is… exceptionally well written, organized and presented. It is strongly and unreservedly recommended as a critically important contribution to community, college, and university library World War II Military History collections and supplemental studies reading lists.” Mid West Book Review

To be published in the United States by Chicago Review Press, January 2017
Published in the United States by Chicago Review Press


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