O’Brien to talk miscarriage of justice at Hay

Michael O’Brien is set to appear at the 2009 Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye.
O’Brien will take part in a question and answer session on his autobiography, The Death of Justice, which describes his wrongful conviction for murder, his battle to clear his name and an examination of what he believes went wrong in the investigation of the still unsolved murder of Cardiff newsagent Phillip Saunders.
The 41-year-old, who served more than a decade behind bars for the murder, continues to campaign for other victims of miscarriage of justice.
South Wales Police has had a difficult week, having to issue two apologies in the space of 48 hours – the first to a 63-year-old musician who was mistakenly arrested and strip-searched by armed police officers and the second to a grieving widow to whom officers returned the rope her husband had used to kill himself.
O’Brien has never received an apology from the force.
: The time of the Hay Q&A is to be confirmed but it is likely to take place on Saturday, May 23.

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  1. You should do something on the Cardiff 3 – Lynette White and how the police came down on anyone who supported themIf you do get in touchjackdance.wordpress.com

  2. Know what? Some of us are tired of hearing how the Cardiff 3 had their lives ruined through police corruption. The fact is that they led miserable, sordid, corrupt lives long before they got turned into (unlikely) martyrs over the murder trial. According to the witness of fellow sex workers – not natural allies of the police – Lynette was forced to work longer hours than any of them, standing outdoors alone and unprotected in all weathers while her pimp watched videos and did drugs. Just what compensation is owed to characters like him for their "ruined lives?" As far as I am concerned not one penny.

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