Chronicle of a boxing legend

Prize-fighting legend Tom Sharkey led a most remarkable life.

He served in the US Navy before fighting all of the first four heavyweight champions under the Marquis of Queensberry rules. He mixed with characters like Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Theodore Roosevelt and the Tammany Hall politicians who ruled New York.

Sharkey’s epic 25-round encounter with Jim Jeffries is often ranked as the greatest ring battle ever. The two men’s bloody rivalry sparked a 50-year friendship which was only ended by their deaths – just a few weeks apart.

Experts describe Sharkey as the Rocky Marciano or Mike Tyson of his day.

His story is now told in a new book, I FOUGHT THEM ALL.

Top US boxing historian Tracy Callis describes the book as “an excellent read. It’s well-researched and is good news for boxing fans everywhere.”

Veteran Ring writer Pete Ehrmann says it’s “a great contribution to ring history”.

The book is available from

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  1. Great article in the current issue of the Irish Emigrant – an excellent website for Irish communities around the world – about Magic Rat Books’ brand new biography of boxing legend Tom Sharkey.

    ‘The colorful life and times of one of Ireland’s forgotten sporting heroes is revealed in I Fought Them All, a new biography by Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey,’ writes the website and magazine.

    ‘”Sailor” Tom Sharkey, whom the New York Times once described as a “ring immortal,” fought the first four heavyweight champions under the Marquis of Queensberry rules – becoming a boxing legend and a very wealthy man in the process.

    ‘Yet the amazing full story of his early life in Dundalk, Co. Louth, his career in the U.S. Navy and his controversial ring career has never been told – until now.’

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