Wales and the Great War (complete series, free on-line)

GlanafanTelling stories from the Somme to Ypres, the war in the skies and at sea, the series ‘Wales and the Great War’ includes some incredible first person testimony from the Great War.

The second programme in the series – ‘Voices from the Front’ – pulls together a range of archive interviews with veterans from the battle for Mametz Wood.

The interviews, mainly conducted in 1987/1988, describe in frightening detail the vicious fighting which took place on the approach to the wood.

The programme also features a rare broadcast interview with conscientious objector Ithel Davies.

In the first programme pupils from a Port Talbot school track down the stories behind the faces on the memorial in their main hall.


The third and final programme features the story of the Monmouthshire soldiers who fought a terrible battle at Ypres, a tribute to air ace Ira “Taffy” Jones and amazing footage from the sinking of a schooner from Porthmadog.

The footage was filmed by the U-boat crew which sank the boat.

WATCH the full series here.

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