“Strongly and unreservedly recommended” – study of female spies of WW2

Shadow Warriors 1st coverLovely new review for Shadow Warriors of World War II from Mid West Book Review:

“The result of an extraordinary and comprehensive research, “Shadow Warriors of World War II: The Daring Women of the OSS and SOE” is impressively informed and informative. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, Shadow Warriors of World War II is strongly and unreservedly recommended as a critically important contribution to community, college, and university library World War II Military History collections and supplemental studies reading lists.”

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  1. I am researching an SOE Agent code name “Trudi” who was minor British royalty and operated primarily in Denmark. Most information on female agents during WWII were stationed in France. Have you run across Trudi in your research? I would appreciate your help.


    1. Sorry, no, I haven’t written about her, Amy. What was her real name? I have a lot of SOE material here. I’m happy to take a look through it for you.

  2. I’m interested in SOE agent TRUDI as well, and found this site during a search for her. From the hardcover book, ‘A Man Called Intrepid’ by author William Stevenson about Sir William Stephenson, 1976, page 434-435, TRUDI briefed Neils Bohr (atomic scientist) in Sweden before his black ops flight aboard a MOON plane (De Havilland Mosquito) to London. A former telegraphist with the FANY communications section, TRUDI was a cousin of King George VI. Her true identity remains secret (1976). She was caught in Denmark, a country she knew well, and was last seen at Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen where she presumably killed herself with the regulation-issue L pill while under interrogation.
    I am deeply moved, humbled, by the sacrifices of these heroes who fought to preserve civilization against the daunting forces of the NAZIs. May God rest their souls.

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