Defying Hitler in USA Today & New York Post book lists

Defying Hitler cover USFinally getting a chance to round up some of the reviews and responses to Defying Hitler.

USA Today made it one of their Five Books Not To Miss, noting that Publishers Weekly says the book is “an informative counterpoint to accounts of widespread German complicity with the Holocaust.”

And the New York Post marked it as one of their Books of the Week. A fascinating look at the everyday Germans who resisted Hitler’s rule in ways big and small (all dangerous), from helping to forge passports that helped Jews escape to those who passed secrets to Allied spies.”

Newsday described it as an “important book” and Forward magazine says it is a “powerful book” which features the “adept interweaving of diverse and complicated narrative threads” to make “a gripping read”.

4 thoughts on “Defying Hitler in USA Today & New York Post book lists

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  1. A truly amazing book which gives me a new perspective on Nazi Germany and the German people. I have always had a problem reconciling my feelings about the German people and their responsibility. Being Jewish, the struggle has been very difficult.You have helped by presenting me with a new perspective and understanding. How did you ever obtain such detail, including dates and intricate knowledge ? I am overwhelmed. I recently purchased a car from a beautiful, intelligent young German saleswoman( their best although just 21 years old )who was willing to speak with me but I could only get limited information as she was not even born during the war
    My heartfelt thanks to you and Gordon Thomas (family) for this incredible book, one of the best I have ever read.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Richard. It was an honour to tell the stories of these fantastically brave men and women.

  2. What a great book and so well documented. It is hard to believe that all of this could have happened less than 100 years ago. The stories deserved to be made known

    Thanks so much

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