D-Day commando is a one-in-a-million internet sensation!

2 thoughts on “D-Day commando is a one-in-a-million internet sensation!”

  1. Hello Mr. Lewis. I hope this message finds you well. I am interested in learning more about your book,
    “I Fought Them All”.
    Is there an email address or IM platform that you utilize so I can ask about a particular boxing coach? I believe Mr. Skarkey’s first coach was my great grandfather, John D. Walsh, US Navy. I wondered if you can verify this with the research you did for your book?

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hi Tina
      Tom’s first fights in the US Navy were as a member of the crew of the USS Philadelphia. Was your grandfather on that ship?
      On August 21, 1893, he fought a “Jack Walsh” – could that be your grandfather?
      We are relying on Tom Sharkey’s own recollections of that time and there are no official records of these fights.
      The fight against Jack Walsh would have taken place at Honolulu.
      Hope that helps.

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