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Have a listen to the incredible boxing story of Tom Sharkey, who fought them all in the 1890s and won and lost a fortune.

His ring battles with Jim Jeffries are legendary – and they became friends for life.

In the 1890s the fight game was changing.

The prize-fighters and bare-knuckle brawlers were disappearing as the new “scientific” boxers emerged to fight under the Marquis of Queensberry rules.

Irishman Tom Sharkey was the never-say-die fighter who bridged the gap between old and new.

Within a short time of arriving in America he took on all the top boxers of his day: his hero John L Sullivan, Gentleman Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons and the man who would become not only his greatest foe but his best friend, Jim Jeffries.

Their 25-round world title fight at Coney Island was one of the most gruelling and compelling encounters ever seen inside a ring.

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“Gun-slingers, shipwrecks, tragic love stories, gambling, acts of heroism and, of course, gruelling fights. I thoroughly recommend this book.” –Glenn Wilson, Cyber Boxing Zone

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