“A Bullet Saved My Life”

The biography of Bob Peters, a Welshman who joined the Canadian Mac-Pap battalion and was wounded at Brunete.

After being shot in the back, Peters served as a dispatch rider in the Republican Army. Incredibly, the bullet which had lodged near his spine moved with the jarring impact of the rough roads and doctors were eventually able to cut it out.
The book features more than thirty photographs and fascinating reproductions of Bob’s membership, pay and safe passage documents relating not only to the International Brigades but the Socorro Rojo Internacional and the anarchist CNT union.
It features a foreword by First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan and a preface by the late Alun Menai Williams.

Published by Warren & Pell.


“Book of the week” Morning Star

 “Fascinating” Bexley Times

 “An excellent work” Antonio Diez, ‘Homage to the Welsh International Brigaders’/Brigastas de Gales website

“Whether or not it was the motorcycling that dislodged the bullet is conjecture. What is certain is that Peters’s chances of survival were hugely improved by being withdrawn from the front line early in the fighting at Brunete. Of the 331 volunteers in the ranks of the British Battalion at the start of the battle, only 42 remained alive or uninjured after less than a week of fierce combat. Hardly surprising, therefore, that A Bullet Saved My Life was the title given to (this) biography …” Bob Peters’ obituary, by Jim Jump, The Independent, January 19, 2007

 “A book that is also full of small insights into the absurdities of war.” Publishersdiary.com

“Stories such as this one give us a greater understanding of the conditions prevailing then and the people who were involved in this particular struggle, presenting the reader with real history; not simply relying on a set of dates alone but something tangible – you can imagine you are there, sharing the dangers that these men and women had to face on a daily basis… [This is a] remarkable account of Bob Peters’ service in the Spanish Civil War.” Anthony Roy, gwales.com/Wales Books Council

Tributes following Bob Peters’ death:

“When it comes to the Spanish Civil War, there are very few left alive today who can truly say, ‘I was there!’. Bob Peters was. …Understand his story and you will understand what the 1930s was all about.” Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales

“I am very saddened to hear of Bob’s death. Whilst I didn’t have the privilege of meeting Bob, I felt I knew him through Greg Lewis’s book and by speaking to Bob’s family when the book was launched. Bob was an amazing person having served in the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War, and he was not only Penarth’s last hero from those times but also Wales’ last hero.” Lorraine Barrett, Member of the National Assembly for Wales

“From Spain my condolences to Bob’s family. It is very sad to hear of Bob’s death. I did not know him but his book will let to all to know an amazing person.” Olga Gascón Flanagan (whose grandfather served in the International Brigades, British Battalion)

*** The book is priced £10 including p&p and is available by emailing greg_lewis@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Thanks Dave.
    Bob Peters was a very interesting man. He was very kind and humble. He did not think he had a story to tell – but he certainly did.
    I was fortunate to be able to record it before he sadly passed away.

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