The goats who lord it over us

Digby Jones is poised to leave Gordon Brown’s government of all the talents (Goat) before the next election.
Perhaps future goats brought in by the Labour Party will represent areas of society which have less access to power than Lord Jones’ friends.
Jones, after all, is hardly a champion of the voiceless and the vulnerable.
A corporate lawyer by background, his previous senior corporate advisory positions have included senior advisor to Barclays Capital, chairman of the Deloitte Industries Group, corporate and governmental affairs advisor to Ford of Europe and Premier Automotive Group, advisor to JCB and member of the advisory board of Aggregate Industries.
His period in government has given big business the ear of Gordon Brown.
But it has surely helped the individual too – particularly, if that individual is Lord Jones. His consultancy and after dinner fees are certain to rise.
He also, of course, got a peerage out of his entry into government. Will he now hand that back, as suggested by one MP?

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