Friend picks Harvey Nix

Midweek round up from Wales:
Work has started on the St David’s 2 development in Cardiff. For those of you who haven’t been to the city in a while the whole of the centre around The Hayes, currently occupied by a series of shops, is to be replaced – by a series of shops. There are rumours that either Harvey Nichols or Selfridges will come to the city. That is making some very excited.
I misjudged the mood on this the other day when sat with two friends watching the football in the pub.
“More blooming shops!” I grumbled, moaning pompously that I hoped the council made sure they replaced the library which is also being demolished.
“What are you on about?” said my friend, who is in his 50s and goes shopping every Saturday morning with his wife. “It will be great for the city.”
“Yeah,” said another mate, the bright side of 40, a Smiths fan of generally excellent judgement. “What are you, man – some kind of Luddite?”
Meanwhile, Welsh super songstress Katherine Jenkins is taking out a £10m personal insurance policy to cover her forces sweetheart concert in Basra. Fair play, but I’m sure she’ll be safer on her single trip than the average Iraqi is going for a loaf of bread or queuing up for a job paying a few quid a week.
News in brief: Gavin Henson, who apparently used to play rugby, has upset lots of people with his new book…Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis is to make Wales’ first gangster flick, The Baker…The Welsh Breakfast has been revealed – it’s sausages, eggs, bacon, tomato, fried bread, cockles and laverbread cake. It’s a feast which I imagine is enjoyed by 0.0000001 per cent of the population. And he can’t move until teatime.

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